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“Thanks to the lessons I learned about effective authentic leadership and communication from you, Christa and the team, I feel ready to take on any challenges that come my way and enjoy the satisfaction of making a positive difference in my personal and professional life.”


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Can You Live Today from True Intention?

 I think of intention as having two faces: 1. self-serving intention.  This is the kind that is based on ego and pride.  We might be unconsciously doing something that does not serve our community at large, but brings us into the limelight. 

The second type of intention, I call True Intention.  I like to think that this is the one that most people live from.  It is the place of inspiration, motivation, purity of spirit and service.  Intentions change throughout our day depending on the situation, our moods, emotions, etc.  It is the place that we consciously check-in with to see what the underlying motivation was for an act, a thought, a behaviour.

Today stay conscious to your intention.  Calibrate it right now by saying My intention today is to create…

Check-in with yourself throughout the day.  See what events, situations changed your intention, and I’ll bet you will find a hurt heart, spirit or ego waiting at the other end.

Have a truly true intentioned day!

The Power of Requests

So what’s not happening in your life that you would like to happen? What stories are you creating about the motivations and intentions of those around you? Where are you struggling needlessly?

This is one “skill” I coach all my clients to use. It has been one of the single most powerful ways that I have created freedom in my life and those of hundreds of my clients.

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