Life Coaching with Horses

Don’t miss this brilliant feature on Equine Facilitated Coaching in the O magazine! In this article, life coach Martha Beck explains the subtle dynamics between the teacher, horse and participant and how they work together to create real personal change. Read the full article at O magazine online.


Horse Guided Coaching is an extremely powerful personal coaching program that focuses on self-development and deep profound transformation.

Coaching with horses promotes personal change by working through the intuitive and empathic nature of horses.

All work is done through ground-work and there is no riding or mounted work required. You will learn to tune in to messages of growth and healing from your own special horse-teacher.-

  • Learn new practices to achieve balance and success in life and relationships
  • Embrace personal growth through equine coaching/equine facilitated learning
  • Learn to ask for what you desire in life
  • Develop leadership skills and learn to say no – without guilt or shame
  • Bring peace and acceptance in your life through personal development
  • Discover the beauty in building relationships

Coaching with Horses is amazing, sustainable and truly works!

Coaching with Horses is an empowering Life coaching program that integrates Byron Katie’s revolutionary book “The Work”™ and Dr. Stewart Heller’s masterpiece “Cultivating Excellence”.

Linda-Ann has combined her years of coaching experience to create Heart/Mind™ coaching, and will work with you to create sustainable and transformative change.

With the teachings from these volumes and the desire to create lasting change, personal transformation is only a few groundbreaking conversations away. Using horse guided learning, you will obtain insights into your own life and unearth your authentic self.

The first step towards transformation is to gain a greater sense of self-awareness.

By learning to know ourselves in a different way, we are able to take steps towards the shifts that will create a happier, fuller and richer life. Without profound self awareness, a person cannot fully develop themselves.

What Will We Do?

At our retreat center in Langley, British Columbia, we  will work with the horses on the ground in a safe and transformative way of tuning into your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self.  Your horse will help lead and empower you as you build a stronger connection to your power, dreams and authenticity!

  • Gain clarity by aligning your vision to your business and life goals in this powerful learning process.
  • Learn how to break through barriers holding you back from your full potential
  • Discover your soul’s divine purpose and harness your inner power.
  • Understand how your thoughts and beliefs hold you captive
  • Learn how to question your thoughts and take an objective approach to the inner workings of your mind

With the assistance of a horse of your choosing and Linda-Ann, a masterful and skilled life and business coach, you will be guided through a journey of self-discovery and experience profound transformation.

Life Coaching with Horses is done at our beautiful coaching studio in the midst of nature at Healing Heart Sanctuary in Langley, BC, Canada.-

Linda-Ann Bowling

Langley, British Columbia